device shows all devices
device <device> shows a specific device
device ( start | stop | restart | remove ) <device> perform an action on a device
The device command shows information about JNode devices and performs generic management actions on them.

The first form of the device command list all devices registered with the device manager, showing their device ids, driver class names and statuses.

The second form of the device command takes a device id given as the <device> argument. It shows the above information for the corresponding device, and also lists all device APIs implemented by the device. Finally, if the device implements the "DeviceInfo" API, it is used to get further device-specific information.

The last form of the device command performs actions on the device denoted by the device id given as the <device> argument. The actions are as follows:

  • start - starts the device.
  • stop - stops the device.
  • restart - equivalent to stop followed by start.
  • remove - performs a stop and then removes the device from the device manager.
This command does not allow you to perform device-specific actions.