plugin List all plugins and their status
plugin <plugin> List a given plugin
plugin --load | -l <plugin> [ <version> ] Load a plugin
plugin --unload | -u <plugin> Unload a plugin
plugin --reload | -r <plugin> [ <version> ] Reload a plugin
plugin --addLoader | -a <url> Add a new plugin loader
The plugin command lists and manages plugins and plugin loaders.

The no argument form of the command lists all plugins known to the system, showing each one's status.

The one argument form lists a single plugin.

The --load, --unload and --reload options tell the plugin command to load, unload or reload a specified plugin. The --load and --reload forms can also specify a version of the plugin to load or reload.

The --addLoader option configures a new plugin loader that will load plugin from the location given by the <url>.