ifconfig List IP address assignments for all network devices
ifconfig <device> List IP address assignments for one network device
ifconfig <device> <ipAddress> [ <subnetMask> ] Assign an IP address to a network device
The ifconfig command is used for assigning IP addresses to network devices, and printing network address bindings.

The first form prints the MAC address, assigned IP address(es) and MTU for all network devices. You should see the "loopback" device in addition to devices corresponding to each of your machine's ethernet cards.

The second form prints the assigned IP address(es) for the given <device>.

The final form assigns the supplied IP address and associated subnet mask to the given <device>.

Only IPv4 addresses are currently supported.

When you attempt to bind an address, the output shows the address as "null", irrespective of the actual outcome. Run "ifconfig <device>" to check that it succeeded