error in network layer ?

I tried to use the NAT network of the vmware, but I got several errors, e.g. the ping could not ping to localhost:'

(I did

ifconfig loopback


and got ) :

after that I did

route add loopback

and I got

Ping attemp 0

Exception in QueueProcessor

java.lang.NullPointerException: NP at adress ...!recieve (145)

did I anything wrong / has anyone a solution for that ?


does it work?

will you tell me if it works for you?

I think it has to be possible to ping at least the loopback device.
After that it has to be possible to ping other ip's.

So, please post if it works and how you configuered your System (what hardware / what has to be done in JNode)

Your paper on JNode

Dear Andreas,

I'm Birkey, a developer for JNode, currently working with Martin on JNode's deployment framework.
Martin recommanded your paper "Analyse und Erweiterung des Java-Betriebsystems ’JNODE’" to me, but I cannot read German Sad
Do you have an English version of that paper? I think it's helpful for me for I'm working on a paper about JNode, especailly its Arch and Component Model from
the component-based extension OS perspective.

Best regards


I have looked at it and it sh

I have looked at it and it should work now, but please test it. Still there are some problems with the routing, but Pavlos it looking at it.


Btw. it's "ifconfig loopback"

it works

I have testet it on VMware and it works.
But I got one Deadlock message.




I can now configure the loopback device and let it ping itsself.

But for the vwmare emulated network card it does not work.
I did :

ifconfig eth0

route add eth0


What I got was :

ERROR [TxDescriptorRing]: Not owner of descriptor index 0

device eth0 shows the following information :

Device: eth0


implemented API's:


Location 0,16,0

Configuration device=0x2000, vendor=0x1022, class=02:00:00, revision=16 headertype=0, intr-pin=1, intr-line=9, base-addresses={IO:00001000-0000101F, MEM32:FD000000-FD00001F}

any suggestions ?


There was an error when sendi

There was an error when sending data to the same hardware address as the device hardware address, this should be fixed now, please check it out.


good work

now it works also for my eth0 device.
But I am still not able to do a :
dhcp eth0

it says:
Trying to configure eth0...
ERROR [TxDescriptorRing]: Not owner of descriptor index 0 Timeout in recive!recive (246)!recive (431)$1!run (100)
org.jnode.vm.VmAccessController!doPrivileged (175)!configureDevice (61 [ 144])!main (36)


Try entring the "dhcp eth0" a

Try entring the "dhcp eth0" again when this happens. Looks like a timeout when jnode is waiting for response from the dhcp server. Sometimes I get the same, maybe we should make a nicer timeout message... I think I'll try monitoring the dhcp request/reply, maybe this will tell me something.


This is probably because

This is probably because the first time a method is called, it takse o bit of time to be compiled in the VM.

Adjusting this timeout maybe will help Martin.

sounds good

good idea,
I will try some more network related things...


same with dhcp

i got the same error while dhcp tries to configures the eth0 device...


I am working on some problems

I am working on some problems like this.

I am thinking to fix also the automatic route configuration with the ifconfig.

state of your work ?

how far are you with that ?


Currently, i have fixed a pro

Currently, i have fixed a problem, with which when there was an incoming packet with 4th byte set to 255, it was proccesed. Even if you dont have set an IP address to the interface. Also, with this problem the IP stack does not work with subnets different than the default.

For me everything is ok, but martin got some exceptions. I have not added the code to cvs, because any jnode systems connected to a lan will become unstable if you have the same problem.

Branch in CVS

Why don't you make a branch in CVS and check them in there, then we can all test, without breaking the HEAD branch.


I am not good with cvs. Can I

I am not good with cvs. Can I make a branch of a sub-folder of a project?

Anyway, martin has found the error in my changes and yesterday I have added them to cvs.

Trickkiste, can you check if the problem you have described is fixed?

Some changes in the routing system will follow.

no good news

I have tested it on my VMware workstation and it was not fixed.
I will try it on a real machine.