How to make Boot Sequence In Java

How to make Boot Sequence in Java ?
Can we run Java Application In DOS ?

I cannot figure out what you are asking about

For a start, are you asking about Java in general, or JNode in particular?

If you are asking about Java in general, this is no a good place to ask. My answers would be:

Q1) I'm not sure what you mean by "making a Boot Sequence", but you would almost certainly need to use an operating system specific tool to do this. You might be able to recode these tools in Java, but why would you bother? Just run them from Java using Process, etc

Q2) It would depend on which Java implementation you are talking about. Look at the release notes. Google for "Java" and "DOS".

OS Development

I want to develop an entier Operating System in Java. So from where i should start ? What should i need to learn ? What are the processes that i should perform ? Can you provide some useful information about how i can develop an Operating System in Java ? Basically I am the Student of BS(IT) and I want to take my final Project in OS Development. So I need some useful information to do this. Can you Help me. Thankx

You don't realise how much work ...

... would be involved in creating your own Java OS. On top of all the issues of creating a bootable image, you need to understand and implement all of the JVM specs (compiling bytecode to native code or implementing a bytecode interpreter). You'd also need to implement many / most of the following: garbage collection, threads, synchronization, memory management, interupt handling, device register access, specific device drivers, class loading, low-level I/O libraries. And that only gets you to the stage of running a simple "hello world" program!

I'd make a ballpark estimate of 6 to 12 manmonths of (experienced) developer effort to do that work!

IMO, you need to pick a far less ambitious project. I'm sure that we can find a suitable and interesting topic for an OS project within JNode.

How much time (elapsed and man-months) do you actually have for your project, and what is your level of Java programming experience?

it would be far better to help us

I am joining to galatnm answer : it would be far more usefull to help us instead. Come on our IRC channel in order that we can discuss about a project we can assign to you.

In my opinion, it would be better to say "I have helped the open source project JNode for doing ..." than "I have created a new project on my side ... ". Even if JNode is doing more and more progress since a couple of years, there is yet so many work to be done that we would really appreciate your help.

I hope you will join our effort to make JNode a great java operating system.


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Help ?

Why don't you help us to improve jnode instead of developing your own operating system ?

There are a lot of work to do ^^.

Fabien L.