start up time?

Hi guys

i have been familiarising myself with the source code and framework, well attempting to anyway!

How long should the start up of Jnode take under vmware/virtualbox? I'm building with the cd-x86-lite argument and using the default option in GRUB. which gives me a start up time of +/- half an hour... i presume i'm not using the correct argument in the build process?


excuse my ramblings...

I somehow misread the Jnode initialisation complete text as beings 30 mins, where it is actually 30 secs.... whoops!

although...i must admit to not knowing what the initialisation refers to, as Jnode doesn't take 30 secs to boot

It refers to ...

... the time that org.jnode.boot.Main#vmMain() takes to initialise the operating system. According to the comments, vmMain is called by the assembler kernel.

The message is the last thing that is done before JNode calls the "main class" which runs the configured JNode user interface; e.g. the console-based command shell.

You can find out more by browsing the source code.