NestedVM -> Run C/C++ apps natively on JNode

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I think it's a potentially great addition to JNode.

NestedVM, by Brian Alliet and Adam Megacz, was written as part of the (Java-based) Ibex platform and it translates MIPS-bytecode into Java-bytecode.

In real terms, it allows us to run C-libraries like FreeType on the JVM.

It could address a fundamental weakness of JNode by allowing Java apps that require C/C++ libraries by first compiling them to run on MIPS.

Performance is also surprisingly good.


Quick Start Guide:

Your earlier post

We noticed that you already posted about this at the beginning of the year but unfortunately it was unnoticed:
Just in case you are interested in JNode and would like help it would be a good start testing nestedvm with JNode.


Very interesting!

Very interesting, we should explore this!
charlieg, are you familiar with NestedVM, can you try it out?
FreeType is now used by OpenJDK too and JNode is still missing a great font engine.