Portal migration to a Java based environment

Project:JNode Website

Migrate the portal to a Java based environment for future operation on JNode.

The jnode.org portal is based on Drupal which is a PHP based system.
Quercus is a PHP implementation for the JVM available at http://quercus.caucho.com/.
According to the Quercus website Drupal works on Quercus. So this is a possible solution for a future Java based JNode portal.

This task involves the setup and testing of Drupal 5 on Quercus and the setup and testing of the JNode.org portal in Quercus, including the custom modules of the portal. This might involve the reimplementation of certain features in Java. A Java based webserver is also needed like Jetty or Tomcat.


That article from my blog should help for that issue : setting tomcat to use quercus for php pages.


How can I contribute to this task. I am new member to this site.
I am working on developing java / j2ee based enterprise application with Oracle as Senior Developer


I think nobody is working on that task. You should first try to run tomcat and fix what's missing or broken in jnode.