a few questions

Hi all,
I did some work for jnode a few years ago(NTFS driver, charva porting, console work,etc) and i was just thinking about looking into the new developments from JNode a bit. Can you maybe answer the following questions:

* Have you implemented "isolation api" or are you just starting the applications in different threads?

* can you boot JNode from hard drive? I know there was a FAT driver which was pretty stable and a NTFS and ext2 drivers which ware unstable..what works now better? I know that there was no formatting application which really worked back then.What about now?

* who wrote the desktop application? do you have any windowing system in mind or is it just a simple program that start other java application in separate threads?

*what happened with the original project owner? is he still contributing?

*who many active developers do you have?

that's all.. for the moment Eye-wink

oo... and by the way.. great job!!!

the answers

hi Vali,

Welcome back! Eye-wink
Here are my answers to your questions:

* The isolate api is partially implemneted and simple applications are possible to get started in new isolates. In fact there was a moment before OpenJDK integration where it was possible to start Swing applications in a new isolate, do networking and nearly all the stuff you would normally do, but after a lot of progress with OpenjDK integration isolates need special attention again and some work for making it more operational again.

* Yes, we can boot JNode from harddrive and the installer is under development to make this a lot less complicated as is now. Regarding the FAT driver, as we started using it more heavvly it quickly showed its weaknesses and shortly afterward a new FAT implementation was started under the name: JFAT. This got to a usable state and in the meantime ext2 was improved, HFS+ read only, NFS r/w and Samba r/w was implemented. In spite of all this progress we still lack a realiable, well performing and reasonably tooled on-disk filesystem with formatter and file system checker which could be used confortably in a JNode setup installed on HDD and ready for complex tasks.

* I wrote the desktop application. The current version is really a simplistic prototype thing to make it easier to start up our test applications for GUI testing and also for trying out various features like screen resizing, changing the look & feel and so on. However after a refactoring it could be the basis of the default JNode desktop. I would still do some more work on the AWT support and graphics before starting to work on a more serious desktop.

* Ewout is inactive now being busy with his company not related to JNode.

* There are 7 committers working more or less regurally on JNonde and an other 7 or so making contributions to various releases

The good news is that during all this time you and others were away, JNode and its community never ever stopped growing and getting better than ever before!

Thanks, and I hope your are back on board... Smiling



thx for your answers!

I'll lurk around for a bit and maybe try some stuf. if i'll have time for serios commitment I'll gonna ask you for commit rights. I am not doing a lot development anymore coze i manage more that develop where i work right now and maybe a bit of coding exercise is not that bad Eye-wink

keep in touch!

it sounds good

let's try it... Smiling