The VMwareBuilder task should create a JNode.nvram image

Project:JNode Builder
Assigned:Stephen Crawley

When VMware starts following a "clean" build, it creates a nvram image containing the default Phoenix BIOS settings. On my machine, these settings define the boot loader order as "removable devices, hard drive, cd-rom, network boot". This is fine, until you configure a virtual hard drive. Then you have to race against the BIOS to change the BIOS settings. This is not very user friendly ...

I'd like to change our Ant VMwareBuilder task so that it can create a JNode.nvram file containing BIOS settings that are compatible with the configured hard drives.

My initial research is telling me:

  • There is no publicly available documentation for the Phoenix BIOS's CMOS layout. (No surprise really ...)
  • The CMOS on VMware includes settings that depend on your physical hardware. (The VMware manuals say at various points that you need to boot up to let the BIOS (?) update the settings to reflect your hardware.)
  • The CMOS includes undocumented (of course) checksums.

I might be able to get away with having the Ant task create a default nvram file with the required boot sequence settings ... and relying on the BIOS updating the settings that relate to the hardware devices. If that fails, I'll have to resort to capturing and modifying the nvram file created by VMware on the user's machine.


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I've taken the easy path. The task can be configured to copy the JNode.nvram from a save directory if there isn't a copy in the cdrom directory. I think it is too much work to reverse engineering the CMOS layout. Marking as fixed ...


I've commited a fix because the file ${cdroms.dir}/JNode.nvram doesn't exist after a 'clean'.
Instead of an error breaking the build, a warning message is emited.


My mistake. Sorry about that ...


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.