Real Panic

Hi guys

I have just built Jnode from the source using the x-86-lite argument.
I tried to start Jnode from VirtualBox and get the attached error.

Are there any ideas as to what has happened?
I did see the following post

but could not find the file they mentioned(jnode\all\build\x86\bootimage\bootimage.lst) in order to try and track this down.


error.png22.34 KB


How much RAM did you give JNode under VirtualBox?
For a default or full configuration at least 256M would be necessary for the command line and 512M for AWT.
Sepcial JNode configurations can work with RAM as small as 80M.

In any case the screenshot shows that the memory start address is higher than the memory end address and so in the next line you can see the negative size for the total memory. I don't remember seeing this bug yet.

understand dawns...

Virtualbox gave Jnode 64mb by default.
Increased it a little to 512mb Eye-wink and it booted perfectly.
Sure that it doesnt need to be that high, but i want to play with the awt