Unable to mount SMB

I try something like this:

ifconfig loopback
dhcp eth-pci(0,16,0)
smbmount smbmnt1 ShareName company-domain\user.id passwd

With certian variations I get this far:
Transport1: connect: state=0
Transport1: run connected
Transport1: connected state =3
Exception in command

Please provide an example of how to use the command.
I have similar failures with ftpmount

add route to computer

I never used smbmount nor ftpmount but for anything related to network you should add the route to the external computer if given by its IP address.
So, you should do "route -a eth-pci(0,16,0)" (check the exact syntax with "help route").


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it looks like dhcp creates a default route

no route to

From your screenshot, I can see your route table is wrong : you can't send (and probably receive) anything to
Have you used the command I mentionned above?


my blog : en français, in english or both