Proposed release date for JNode 0.2.8

I propose for the release of JNode 0.2.8 a date around the end of January, beginning of February 2009 before the FOSDEM conference. Please cast your opinions about this and consider the features currently under development which can be included as well as the usual critical bug fixes and usability improvements which should be completed before the release. We can consider this as the yearly FOSDEM edition of JNode which beyond being an other development release also serves as the primary means for demonstrating by the partcipating JNode developers the state of JNode, its capabilities, possibilities and future outlooks in face to face meetings with current or potential JNode users and developers as well as representative members of the Java and open source development community.

feature freeze : 2 weeks before

I think that, unlike what we did for the previous release (only 1 week if I remember correctly), we should take a delay of 2 weeks before the release date.

I suggest the following schedule :

  1. 21th of january : feature freeze, begin of the (critical) bug fixing period
  2. 4th of february (a Wednesday, 3 days before FOSDEM 2009) : release of JNode 0.2.8

That schedule avoid a "last minute release", just before FOSDEM by taking a margin of 3 days.

What do you think ?

Something else :
Despite JTestServer (a tool under development for testing the core of JNode) is not part of JNode features, I will do my best to make it usable for the release.
Anyway, since it's not a user feature of JNode, it's not a release stopper.


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Prioritize fixing FS bugs

We currently have 2 FS bugs that could result in FS corruption and/or loss of data: i.e. the deletion of non-empty directories bug, and the broken implementation of delete for EXT2 files. We also have a bunch of uninvestigated failures in FSTestSuite, other FS tests that don't run, and various old FS bugs and patches. There are other issues related to partitioning and mounting filesystems.

It would be a good idea if the developers who understand the FS layers and tools could clear up some these issues for the next release.