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I dual boot Ubuntu (on a 32 bit Intel iMac) and I needed to reinstall the other partition anyway so I thought I'd give Jnode a try first. I downloaded jnode-x86-0.2.7.iso and used Disk Utility to burn it to a CD. Restarted, selected the CD through rEFIt, and waited. And waited. And went out for a bike ride around the east perimeter of San Francisco, which was quite nice this first foggy afternoon of the year. Soma, Telegraph Hill, and Nob Hill passed by. Back at home, the same message is on my screen: Loading stage2 .......

Guess I'll get back to Linux.

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Intel iMac are not yet supported

As far as I know, JNode has never been tested with an Intel iMac and there is a good reason for that : iMac computers (which includes Intel iMac) use EFI instead of a BIOS. EFI is intented to be the successor of BIOS for PC computers but it's not yet supported by JNode. Another reason is that most of us are using a PC computer and I don't think there is a PC computer which uses EFI. As usual, Apple already supports and uses EFI for a long time ...

So, I strongly drive you to help us support Intel iMac since the good news (unlike with the PPC CPU used by other Apple computers) is that we don't need to write another bytecode->assembler compiler. Here is what I think you have to do : replace grub 1 (which don't support EFI) by grub 2, write the appropriate drivers that use EFI instead of BIOS.
I am sure you will get support (at least from me) if you're going that way.


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too many projects right now

Thanks for the explanation why. I definitely would love to learn about grub and bios and efi and implement these changes, especially considering your support. Unfortunately, since I know I know nothing about these technologies, I know I don't have the time to allocate to it right now.

Perhaps it would be easier to get Jnode running on my Eee 901 netbook.

Please try it

Testing JNode on Eee 901 would be really interesting!
FabienD managed to boot JNode on an older Eee PC, so he can help you.
You can join us on the IRC channel too.