Exception: building CD-ROM image[JNode-OS]

Hi sir......
while building CD-ROM image[JNode-OS], the following error occured......... please tell me how could i fix it.....................

[asm] Compiling 1 source files to F:\Sofwares\JNode\jnode-src-0.2.7\all\build\x86\32bits\native\output

F:\Sofwares\JNode\jnode-src-0.2.7\all\build.xml:403: The followi
ng error occurred while executing this line:
F:\Sofwares\JNode\jnode-src-0.2.7\all\build.xml:366: The followi
ng error occurred while executing this line:
F:\Sofwares\JNode\jnode-src-0.2.7\all\build-x86.xml:158: java.io
.IOException: Cannot run program "nasmw.exe": CreateProcess error=2, The system
cannot find the file specified

nasm is needed to build JNode

Hi babu,

there might basically be two reasons for the Exception: Either you have not installed nasm (which is required to build) or the installed nasm is not found (either a naming issue nasmw.exe vs. nasm.exe or a PATH issue).
For more details about nasm and Windows have a lock either here or here.