JNode 0.2.8 Released

The JNode team is glad to announce the release of JNode 0.2.8.

JNode is a free, open source Java technology based operating system implemented in the Java language with a very small assembler nano-kernel.

The main focus of this release is general stability improvements and bug fixes and also reflects the current status of several major features in active development such as: isolates, Bjorne shell and complete support for HFS+. Significant progress has been made with the integration of the remaining parts of OpenJDK and the JNode class library has been updated to OpenJDK6 b13. JNode now builds with both JDK 1.6 and OpenJDK6+IceadTea and by the means of Linux and KVM it's possible to set up a well performing and completely free open source development and test environment. Mauve based regression testing is being introduced and various test-suites consolidated into a distributed automatic regression testing infrastructure. As a result of these activities real world applications and frameworks like Jetty, Quercus, Groovy, JEdit and many others are getting usable under JNode.

JNode 0.2.8 is a development release targeting Java developers and computer software specialists who like the idea of a Java based operating system. It is intended to encourage people to join in the creation of this truly unique and innovative free operating system.

Members of the JNode team are heading to the FOSDEM conference soon for giving a talk about JNode, for making demos and meeting other developers eager to learn about or contribute to this exciting project.

We would like to thank all contributors for their efforts in making this release possible.

Screenshots are available here: http://www.jnode.org/node/132

JNode can be downloaded from here: http://www.jnode.org/node/2878

Changelog: http://www.jnode.org/node/2880

More information on the JNode project can be found at http://www.jnode.org and http://sourceforge.net/projects/jnode

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When is a new release

Hello Isantha

Its been 3 years since a release.

When will jnode have a new release?



JNode 0.2.8 Released

It is in assembler, I don't think nobody will ever try (again) to write a POSIX compatible OS in assembler, it is Java anyway, not C so I don't think they need posix API anyway, java is crossplateform by design so they should have everything the need (in therm of API) in Java itself. It is not a bad idea after all, Java on Unix and Windows mostly suck, if they can make someting dedicated to run java apps, it -may- run faster a little.

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C and POSIX : good opportunity

Not all programs are java.
Linux already have some difficulties because it not Windows compatible.

C and POSIX must not be requirements, but are recommended in order to make JNode more attractive. And they already exist gateways between this to paradigms.

About C, two complementary approaches: compiling C into java byte-code, or supporting native binaries (need more over a loader for ELF and PE).

In order to support native binaries, what about hosting a native lightway kernel thru Xen with a JNI gateway? More over, we could reused existing native drivers.