I plan to 'procletize' System getProperties() and getEnv()

When I first presented the 'proclet' idea for discussion, one of the problems I wanted to address was the 'global-ness' of the System properties. For example, the 'cd' command changes the current directory by calling "System.setProperty("user.dir", ...)" which actually changes the current directory for all consoles and all currently running applications. Another example is that classic Java apps often look in the System Properties for parameters set by the launch script.

So what I am planning to do is to change the System.getEnv() and System.getProperties() so that they return different objects depending on the current thread's proclet context. This is roughly analogous to the way that the System.in/out/err streams read and write to different places depending on the proclet context. In theory, the implementation should be simple, since I don't have to worry about the equivalent of System.setIn/Out/Err. But it will entail changing the some 'core' classes.