CPU-related Features

anyone is Planning the following features ?

- support for others HW Architectures (for ex. AMD64) for the Native Code (GRUB and the Kernel), and opt. the compilation tasks
- using environmental variables to set some features, like CPU_QUOTA (for ex. default=100% or 95%) to avoid responsiveless system, CPU_BIND to bind an Application only with a certain CPU, etc . ...
- another env var useful are HTTP_PROXY and FTP_PROXY ... see Gentoo Linux

One last thing:
in the future, I think will be useful a lot of Crash Tests for JNode, to test the robustness of the entire system ... could become a dedicated Forum/Work-Group of in-house testers, with Unit Tests, automated and manual.

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cpu-related features, unit tests

cpu-related features is not the priority at the moment. If you plan to implement AMD Athlon xp features, I can help you for testing.

About unit tests :
Since several months, I am trying to write unit tests for FileSystem interface implementations. I think we really need automated unit tests for at least the core and fs parts. The tests I wrote are configurable because the same tests can be run with a set of parameters.

A specific boot menu can be used to automatically load all the plugin tests, run them and put the result in a file.


AMD64 Port and Unit Tests

Hi Fabien,
I'm not an Hardware specialist, so I'm not able to do this ... that was only a suggestion, because in these days I'm using some of these features in Gentoo Linux.

But for the Unit/System Tests, I think that could become a Development activity on the full JNode project (for ex. in org.jnode_test.* to avoid having also these classes in Release Distributions). And having main programmers (a little), but mainly other programmers to write these Tests we could find more bugs or identify critical conditions ... I hope. I'm usig this Strategy in a Real Project.