Mounting Hard Drive

Hello. I just started using JNode 2 days ago, and I'm really liking it. When i run it on QEMU the hard drives are mounted automatically. But when I run it on my own PC, the OS doesn't even detect the drive. When I run device command It only shows sg0 which is the CD-ROM.

My hard drive is an ATA WDC WD2500BEVS-7 according to HardInfo. It also says it has a scsi0 controller. It has a ext3 partition with a Linux system installed. I would really like to know if I have to do something or my drive isn't actually supported by JNode.


ext3 is not supported

The most likely reason for not having anything else than the sg0 shown in the devices directory is that none of the filesystems on your ATA WDC hdd is supported. You mention ext3 which is not supported. JNode has only ext2 support but recently we are planning ext3 and ext4 support.
You still can check if the hdd itself is reconginzed with the 'device' command. Without arguments the device command lists the available devices in the system. The device names starting with hd (like hda, hdb etc) are the hard disks.

Be careful ...

There are currently some significant bugs open against the ext2 file system ... and JNode file systems in general. I'd be rather cautious about accessing an external file system from JNode if I were you. There is a chance that your file system might get trashed.


Thank you very much. Also when I ran the device command there was not any hda in the list. In the virtual machine it showed hda and hda0 but in my real PC it doesn't so it looks like it is not recognizing the Hard Disk beyond the file system. Also the virtual HD had a FAT partition, which is apparently supported. If this would help my Had Disk is the one included in my Dell inspiron 1525.

Thanks again

There maybe a problem indeed

There maybe a problem indded then with recognizing the hard disk.
Maybe you can try to investigate the problem further?
(If it was a SATA dirve then the actual lack of SATA support in JNode would explain it.)