64bit nightly build

The 64bit version of JNode is known to be broken for some time.
Besides the runtime problem of the 64bit build it does not build on my local setup and I wonder why it works on the build server. As noted in this issue the asm code contains "bugs". So I wonder if we should deactivate the building of the 64bit version for the moment. What do others think?

We should move towards

We should move towards fixing the 64bits support instead of phasing it out.

I agree, but ...

... but someone needs to volunteer to fix it, and (hopefully) keep it running.

If we are serious about 64 bit support, someone who understands how to build / install / run 64-bit JNode needs to write some documentation pages describing the process for the rest of us. (If its not documented, people won't try it, and won't report issues ... like the fact that it apparently doesn't build ... and other people won't be motivated to fix it.)

I totally agree. The last

I totally agree. The last thing we should be pushing aside is 64-bit support. New CPUs are all 64-bit now, and they're are alot of enhancements we'll get with the compiler (more registers!) by using 64-bit.