Need a proper place for command help strings

As more commands are added to jnode, its becoming quickly apparent that we need a better place to store strings for the help system outside of the xml and Command class. We should discuss and agree upon a proper way to handle help info before our command classes and xml descriptors become cluttered with strings that we'll only have to pull out at some point anyway for i18n purposes.

Valid question (though not

Valid question (though not the most urgent), which should be addressed.

It is an aspect of issue #2568

Figuring out where to put / how to represent online documentation is an aspect of issue #2568. Cluster: if you are interested in a large "green fields" JNode project ... this could be it.

I'm taking a look into, im

I'm taking a look into, im not familiar with the frameworks involved but i have some ideas all the same.

I do want to make one recommendation that might make the transition to localization a little less painful. Can we agree to not embed mass amounts of strings into the depts of classes? What i have been doing with my classes is pulling the strings up to the top of the class file as static strings. Then at least one doesn't have to go searching for them.