now, charva handles the mouse events

Now the mouse cursor is properly handled under charva and the mouse clicks are dispatched (test with menus and buttons)

Better console

Hi Fabien,

It's good to see your improvements on the thext mode UI. The console works much more correctly now and it seems to be faster too. I could find only one little problem so far. When you modify a command in the command line and the cursor is somewhere in the middle of the command, you press enter and the right hand side of the command disappears from the screen, but it gets executed correctly.

The mouse support for charva will be fine. Only the mouse speed would need to be decreased. I noticed a small altertaion in the color handling of charva. Lately in the editor some letter became invisible in certain modes or situations. I remember it was quite tricky to make the colors look at least visible, not to say good, back then when charva was ported. The problem was to find a distinctive visual representaion for the different modes like normal, selected, highlighted and the combination of these based on the given limited possibilties.


bug fixes/new features in console/charva

Hi Levente,
I have fixed the bug concerning the command line.

About charva :
- I reduced the mouse speed
- I disabled the cursor because it is altering colors and hide some characters.
- Because cursor is used to show the focus and in text components, I will work on a way to disable it only while something is drawn and enable it after the draw.


Video inverse

Hi Fabien,

It's really good to hear about every single fixed bug! Thank you.
The mouse cursor problem can be solved easily by setting the current character in video inverse, which literally means interchanging the lower three bits of the lower four bits of the controll byte with the lower three bits of the upper four bits of the same controll byte (or simply interchanging the lower four bits with the upper ones?).