I don't like the Forums and Issue Tracker

I have a lot of ideas and things to say, and some of it should never be said.

Many people have lots of good ideas, and I have one or two as well. But what becomes a great idea often starts as a very bad one, and only after lots of thought and review does it become a great idea.

The Forums and Issue Tracker are full of what could be great ideas that have not been given much thought. To help reduce the clutter, I'd like to propose my ideas here and let people talk them over in IRC or email. Once they have become descent and people agree it's a good direction, then post it officially for review.

If we try to look at it from the point of view of a new user coming to this site, they see lots of unhelpful messages. Some are old messages that no longer apply, and besides archiving for historical reasons, are rather useless. Others are more recent but because of design changes are incorrect or irrelevant. I understand we can't stop this from happening, but I hope by blogging I can reduce the amount that I contribute to that problem.

Remember ... these are just my ideas. After they are talked about, refined and confirmed to be a direction JNode wants to head in, then they will get added to the Forums/Tracker. I am no one important here so, these should not be a guide or demand for anyone.

Smiling ... and I hope this is editable so I can delete my bad ideas.