hi to all...
if some 1 can help me to kno,
1.which language is used in background coding for Jnode??
2.whats process management in Jnode??
3.n how to install ths Jnode operatin system

help me out wth these guys

Some answers

JNode is implemented in Java with a tiny nanokernel of x86 assembler code.

JNode does not have 'processes' in the sense of (for example) Linux. Rather, we we want strong isolation of executions we use Isolates.

JNode's installer is not yet complete, so installing a bootable JNode system on your hard drive is not easy. The simple way to run JNode is to boot it from a CD-ROM image. Either burn the ISO image to a CD-ROM and boot your PC from the CD-ROM, or use something like VMware or VirtualBox to boot a virtual PC from the image. More information may be found starting at the "Start Here" link in the header of this page.