how to refer JNode homepage / links to related work

I searched for JNode via google, to see what other people do in connection with JNode.
I found : (it is in German only Sad )
How about a page containing links to related sites / papers? (like the one above)

The author of this paper had difficulties to refer the source of its work.
How about a sample how to refer parts of the JNode homepage / documentation in a way it could be used in scientific papers ?
So parts of the JNode homepagepage / documentation is always refered in the same way.

Some kind of :
"This is part of the JNode documentation. It is provided as is, without any warranty.
You can freely use / distribute as long as this passage is left unchanged." or something similar.


There is a page for references.

These links should be added there.

We can make this page more "accessible".

About refering to JNode, I suggest to refer to the homepage, or fixed URL's if you need to refer to a more precise page. (As is done in the paper you mention)