JNode on PowerPC

Is there any work being done on JNode for the PowerPC, specifically Macs?

Not yet

As far as i know not yet, but it would be really nice if someone has the time and resources to do so.


though any time someone agree

though any time someone agrees to do the port i am pretty sure Genesi would give away a free Pegasos motherboard for a ppc port. www.pegasosppc.com


I would love to do it, just don't have the resources for it.


once this project matures a l

once this project matures a little more like mabey a .2 release i will talk to genesi again...they were interested in your project last i spoke with them about it (a few months ago) but wanted it to mature a little first...

Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information. I'll keep watching and see what happens