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When will the new release of Jnode be released. Like 0.29/0.30. I hope this project is not dead. Tell me about development status. This site has gotten quiet. Still like the idea of an OS on VM. This is the year of the virtual machine. Keep work up. Great OS. I could test the OS with Core 2 Duo 2.26Ghz, 250GB HD,2GB RAM. Keep the work up!

I got a few ideas here. Qt Jambi support, Scala support, include popular Java apps like Lobo and Open Office.org. Printer support, 3D support via lg3d ( now dead, but good idea ), support for running Java ME apps to attract mobile developers.

Keep the work up because Java 7's coming soon and you next major version should support it. Oh and make it more DB friendly for Oracle, like the storage via Java DB idea.

Keep up the GOOD WORK!

progressing slowly

Despite the few activity, JNode is not dead. No release has been planed but it's not the most important. The most important is that people are working on it.

Your configuration should be able to run JNode : don't hesitate to try !

Before thinking too much about applications you mention, we need to understand and implement the binding between openjdk and JNode's VM.
And before thinking about java 7, we need to support java 6 : it's a lot work in itself !

Our next major release will probably be for support of java 6 but, given the current activity, I don't know if it will be in several months or several years.
Any help is welcome : test it, develop it, speak about it and involve other people in the development !

Most of the current activity is happening on gitorious mirror of JNode and its clones (used for studies and experiments).
From time to time, I am commiting some changes from here to JNode subversion repository.


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