We need a forum category for bugs

I think we need a new category for bug reporting.

Also our current forum does not have any search system (as I know). Do we have jsp or php on our server? Why dont we migrate to another php or jsp forum (phpBB or mvnforum for example)?

Search could be switched on

The search facility could be switched on, also a bug reporting module is available, just needs some timne to get is up here.

See www.drupal.org for possible modules.



everone who posted a part of a XML File would prefer the codefilter.

From codefilter :

This is a simple filter module. It handles <code></code> and
<?php ?> tags so that users can post code without having to
worry about escaping with & lt; and & gt;


a must

I think both (search and bug-section) are necessary.


I posted a feature request in

I posted a feature request in the Search function in the forums on the 17/4 2004, but you are right they are both necessary.