JNode on VitualPC 6.1

I have just tested to boot JNode on VirtualPC 6.1 (a x86 emulator for PowerPC).

I wanted just to checkout the speed of the PowerPCs (I am thinking to buy one). JNode reported 62.97 JNode MIPS! In x86 emulation on a G4 1,25GHz.

I hope to buy soon one and start the porting of JNode Sticking out tongue

That's a good JNodeMIPS comparing to Athlon XPs

Athlon XP 2500+ (1.833 Ghz) -> 45.10 JNodeMIPS
G4 1.25GHz under Virtual PC 6.1 -> 62.97 JNodeMIPS
Athlon XP 2800+ (2.08 GHz) -> 92.10 JNodeMIPS

So, even with a x86 emulator, a G4 is faster that a PC with the same CPU frequency. With a porting of JNode to G4, it will really be fast !


The future of JNode

That's why JNode will be the future OS in my opinion.

It is very portable. So what if it is a litle bit slow because of it's java nature? If we have platform independent OS's (maybe even architecture independent OS's)*, then the technology will be unleashed from the barriers of compatibility.

* Who knows how the computers of the future will be?

The Future of PCs

try to ask Google the following words:
"ibm+cell+pc" and follow the links ...

This is a revolutionary New Hardware Architecture based of the new Cell CPU designed by IBM for the new PlayStation3. IBM and Sony will make also a new line of Pc (and many other things) based on this Processor (evolution of G5) and Linux.

Take time to read some articles, the hardware architecture (massively-parallel in hardware) and the elaboration power (many GFlops per elaboration-unit) will be really impressive.

So why don't start a porting of the native code of JNode to the PowerPC Architecture ?