Where are we up to ?

Hi. I would like to know where we are up to with graphics implementation in JNode. I would like to get involved in getting the graphics framework working so we can get gui apps working, and then move towards the looking glass desktop.

Anyone able to fill me in to what is required?



Hi Matt,

This is the current status.

  • The GUI drivers (2D) work for NVidia, ATI Radeon, VMWare & standard VGA.
  • java.awt.Graphics stuff has been mostly implemented, except for clipping, this is a major problem. Also advanced 2D stuff is not implemented
  • Font management is a bit implemented, but currently very poor
  • AWT peers are implemented on top of WT widgets & experimentally on top of Swing widgets
  • Desktop management is mostly lacking
  • 3D support is lacking

So if you want to pick a topic, try

  • clipping
  • window management
  • fix/finalize AWT implementation

probably in that order (because they need each other in that order.

PS. Please let me know what you pick.




what level of clipping do you mean (Hardware / Software),
or do we need that for window repaints?

P.S.: Is this site a good starting point?