Hierarchical Commands

Hi to all,
what do you think to create (for convention) the aliases for the shell commands depending on the area of the command itself ?

For example, the standard commands to format disks could start with disk.formatXXX, fdisk could become disk.fdisk ...
For the services we could have svc.start/stop/restart/enable/disable/status name , for the System sys.gc , and so on.

Without this we'll have all the commands unrelated ... but it's still ok.
But instead with this also why don't implement a contextual menu as in many IDE (ex. after pressing CRTL+Enter ) ?


Hell, i like the contextual m

Hell, i like the contextual menu idea, would favor a step lurning curve for beginners & be an helpful reminder in everyday use (The command description could be included in the menu ?)

Do you have any idea yet of a feasible way to implement this in the jnode console shell ?


No Idea

Hi Matthieu,
I'm sorry but I haven't idea on how to implement this in the JNode Shell ... at the moment I'm looking at a different part of the System.

But we could take inspiration from product like DreamWeaver, NetBeans Eclipse etc, that creates a disk cache (or in memory if available) of the desired jars, by inspecting them at first access.

Here could be after a Command is being installed in the system (and is added an ALIAS). Maybe you can start from the current aliases.
This action could be enabled by an environment variable like SHELL_CMD_COMPLETION_ENABLE