Need help getting JNode installed to VirtualBox

Screenshot: JNode hangs

I've been trying to install JNode onto VirtualBox. I'm using these settings:
100% max of my physical processor
512MB RAM (Virtual RAM cap. There is 4GB of RAM on the host system.)
16GB virtual hard drive
JNode's iso is mounted as a virtual CD

I get past the boot screen, but it has been hanging for about two hours at a screen that just says "V". See the top of this post for a screenshot, or you can download the attachment.

Can someone help me to get it to run with VirtualBox?

JNode Hangs.PNG48.43 KB

Try Qemu

Hi rethr, I have some time testing jnode in different emulators and different platforms, and in my experience this is my recomendation:

Qemu (over linux Ubuntu): Works very well in shell, even GUI works fast.
Parallels (Over Leopard [MAC]): Works well in shell, and GUI has a delay, but works fine.
VMWare (over linux and Windows 7): in Windows 7 just work the shell, but GUI never works, and for Linux, shell works good but in GUI just work for 30 sec. and then Jnode don't respond.
Virtual PC (over windows 7): just shell works [and some times].

Personally I suggest you, to try Jnode in Linux (Ubuntu) and Qemu, and use this configuration:

/usr/bin/qemu -monitor stdio -cpu host -k es -vga std -no-kvm-irqchip -no-kvm-pit -no-kvm-pit-reinjection -enable-nesting -m 1024 -no-fd-bootchk -no-acpi -localtime -cdrom /[directory where you have your iso]/jnode-x86-lite.iso -hda /[directory where you store your virtual hard disk] -boot once=d,menu=off -net none -name "Jnode_0.2.9"

The only thing that I want to find out is to write on the hard disk, because Jnode mount my virtual Hard disk, and I can see that It has permission for read and write, but I just can read, and not to write, if you find out how to fix this please tell me.

Are you supposed to compile JNode first?

I just downloaded the .iso file from the downloads page and booted from it in VirtualBox...

Ok, use that

Ok, use that, without hard disk, in this way:

/usr/bin/qemu -monitor stdio -cpu host -k es -vga std -no-kvm-irqchip -no-kvm-pit -no-kvm-pit-reinjection -enable-nesting -m 1024 -no-fd-bootchk -no-acpi -localtime -cdrom /[directory where you have your downloaded iso]/jnode-x86-lite.iso -boot once=d,menu=off -net none