JMTk memory mgmt toolkit

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce that, together with the team that develops the memory manager for JikesRVM, we're going to integrate the JMTk memory management toolkit into JNode.

This means that once that is done, we will get large set of memory management and garbage collection strategies to choose from.
This toolkit will replace the current memory manager & garbage collector.


a first step to switch to jikes RVM ?

Have you decided to switch to jikes RVM ?
It's a good step to start switching to Jikes.

But, even if we don't switch to jikes, we will have new and improved GC algorithms.




I would like to switch to more and more parts of RVM and probably all of it.
However this is a huge step which I would like take is several smaller steps, carefully layed out in time.


good news

sounds good.
I think with JMTk and Isolation it is possible to choose the matching memory management and garbage collection stragegy for special tasks, like in the JX OS.