Minimum screensize

Hi all,

This is a question about what the minimum supported screensize of our video drivers (and with them supported hw) should be.

Since 640x480 is in my opinion fully out of date, we should at least set this minimum to 800x600, but i'm thinking with the future in mind that 1024x768 is also suitable.

What do you think?


I'd go with

I'd go at least with 1024x768.


Why is it necessary to define

Why is it necessary to define a minimum resolution?

There is the possibility that JNode get ported in plaforms like mobile handhelds some day.

Define because..

You're right about the handhelds, but this definition is just to easy the driver development.
It is like "on a pc platform, the minimum is AxB".

This means doing less driver testing etc.
It also is in line with the JNode statement that we should not try to support outdated hardware.