Technology Demo in JNode 0.2

Hi to all,
I've an idea for JNode 0.2 (or later), tell me what do you think.

The Idea is to put in the Live-CD for the 0.2 Release another option in the Boot-Loader: Backup/Restore full of a Pc ... (call it "Mr. Freeze" ?) like the Symantec Ghost 2003, you know ? In many Systems (Pc and Servers) this is the only way to make a Crash Recovery Image of a single Partition o a single Hard Disk. But Ghost has one big problem: it's a Ms-Dos Application, so for ex. modern HD SCSI Controllers doesn't works because none writes drivers ... in JNode we have the same problem, this is only at the beginning.
So this could be a Technology Demo of a free End-User Application, to encourage (final) users to try JNode, and also to Backup/Restore Windows/Linux etc partitions, directly from JNode ... what do you think ?

It requires (in JNode) : Hardware recognition, network, file systems read and write , opt. CD-R writers (or other drivers read from a floppy, or network, or usb device, or cd-rom).


OK, I know that until now I haven't write code, but I hope to have time in the near future ... I like very much the Project.


Why not ?

Hi sandro,
We can also have a tool that can move(optional)/resize/create partitions like with partition magic. But it's early to have this for JNode now. As you say ... maybe for JNode 0.2

However, I think we will need it for JNode to be able to install it on new or existing hard drive(or other drive) partition.

If we don't need high level support (ie FileSystem) it can be made maybe in few months. But, if we need NTFS (one of the less documented FileSystem in my opinion), it will be very difficult. Hopefully, other FS (FAT, FAT32, linux partitions) are better documented.