GUI Improvements

Hi all,

The GUI of JNode is getting a small but important step closer to something that really works.
I've implemented a set of AWT peers using Swing components, in order to get a lot of functionality "for free".

This setup is now really starting to works, as you can see in the screenshots i've added.
It is by far not ready yet, but since it is a big step in the right direction, i do want to inform you about it.
You can give it a try, by updating to CVS HEAD.

If you encounter some classcast exception on "java.awt.Rectangle", "run" java.awt.Rectangle and java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D first. Just type the classname in the console, before running AWTTest. This is some stupid bug in class loading, which is apperently not fully correct yet.


good move

Less coding and re-using existing classes for free is a good move. JNode as a desktop OS should keep moving to more GUI functions

ClassCast exceptions should be fixed

The classcast exceptions should be fixed now, if you still encounter them, please let me know.