New GC support

I'm currenly trying to integrate MMTK (from JikesRVM) into JNode.
This is still not trivial, because of the differences in build policies between the two. JikesRVM is used to build using various template tools, preprocessors etc, while JNode uses a plain java build.

Also the MMTK requires some compiler magic, which means that it uses a few classes that are handled differently by the native code compiler. These classes are about raw memory access etc.

Anyway hope this will result in a better GC soon.


Keep going

It would be great if we can build MMTK with ANT. Keep going!

BTW: I'm new to JNode, and would like to have some suggestion from you on how to master JNode. How did you study JNode besides reading the simple handbook (which even does not present an architecture pic)? Code reading? then where should I start? and what's the premise? Could you give a roadmap of the src of JNode? I think every JNode newbie needs that Smiling


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JNode architecture

Well there is a small architecture picture in the introduction of the developers guide (see handbook). It was missing due to a bug in the website.

How I study JNode, well I wrote most of it.

I'm working on a source & package structure document.