NPE in ACPI device, keyboard problem


after compiling the 0.2.8 release, I run it in Vmware workstation and get a NPE in the Acpi driver:
java.lang.NullpointerException: NPE at address 0F49DDF2
at org.jnode.driver.system.acpi.AcpiDriver.startDevice(
at org.jnode.driver.Device.start(
at org.jnode.driver.AbstractDeviceManager.start(

additionally, no keyboard input is recognized, after the shell has started. Is this connected with the Acpi driver? How can I fix this?

Thanks, Alex

Try again with VMware Player 4

I recommend you try again but use VMware player 4 It's free and you can download from (, I have had some problems with VMware WorkStation too, is why I recommend you use VMware Player 4.