Java web browser

As Ewout is going fast on the gui part, I was thinking of looking for a web browser. It's not a importment featur, but it could be a nice thing. So far I found Jazilla ( and have downloaded it for test on windows later this afternoon (I hope). If it looks fine I'll try making it run in JNode, just as a start, if we find a better browser it can always be changed.

Has a sufficient browser been found?

I am studying Java and I LOVE the idea of an OS in Java! I am also annoyed with Microsoft and they've only been making Windows worse since Windows XP SP 2, so I'd love to use a different operating system. Unfortionately, my laptop needs to have Windows XP for school, but I would love to install JNode onto my desktop if it provides some form of web browsing support, or if a internet browser works on it.

I am seeking a career in web design and am working on some designs for SkillsUSA while I am still in High School, so a web browser is a MUST for me. But, I will gladly provide support for this OS in any way I can if it has web functionality!


Just found a new java based

Just found a new java based web browser called Warrior. It's part of the XAMJ project. It's LGPL so there should be no problems adding it to JNode. So fare it looks to me like the development of the Jazilla project has lost it's momentum and this one is having a fine statistic on their sf page. I'll see if I can find some time to try to test in JNode soon.

I have been in contact with t

I have been in contact with the lead developer, Mathew McBride, of the project, but the project is still not able to be runned nor builded. Sadly.... Mathew has started making changes in the structure, so it can run on SuperWaba(?), and hopefully it will help. I don't know how much time I'll put into Jazilla at this moment, I think it could be good, but maybe I should download the xbrowser today. Nice work from Ewout and Levente on the gui.

another browser: xbrowser

There is also xbrowser

Yes, I noted the xbrowser, bu

Yes, I noted the xbrowser, but it kind off looks like the project was/has been ended in 2001 and that's from my point of view not that good.

Jazilla looks at the it has to use hsql, maybe I should add it as plugin in JNode running on the ram disk. Well, I'm trying to build Jazilla at this moment, but there isn't a correct build script.


I'm following Jazilla for quite a while now to see how it is addvancing, bacause when JNode becomes good enough for desktop usage a browser will be very important for it. Jazilla was stalled for a few months but fortunatly is back in development lately though with a somewhat differnet direction. It might be worthy to get in thouch with them, at least they should know that we would use it. Smiling
Jazilla is not ready for normal usage yet but it might be so by the time JNode gets there.