USB problem


I've been testing JNode for a while and encountered a problem with USB devices. When I plug a device, sometimes an error appears:

ERROR [USBHubMonitor]: Error in portConnectionStatusChanged                     
org.jnode.driver.bus.usb.USBException: USB error 0x00000009                     
    at org.jnode.driver.bus.usb.uhci.UHCIPipe.syncSubmit(     
    at org.jnode.driver.bus.usb.USBDevice.setAddress(        
    at org.jnode.driver.bus.usb.USBHubMonitor.portConnectionStatusChanged(USBHub                                                               
    at org.jnode.driver.bus.usb.USBHubMonitor.checkStatus(
    at org.jnode.driver.bus.usb.USBHubMonitor$                                                                   
    at org.jnode.vm.scheduler.VmThread.runThread(

I took a look at the source code. It seems like this is the response to the first (setup) packet sent to the device. Code 9 means 'stalled' (1) and 'timeout' (8 ). But this doesn't appear always (sometimes the device works) and each time it is code 9. Is there anything wrong with the reading, perhaps the byte is not meant to be the status code?

Regards, Alex