ATI Driver Trouble

I'm still having trouble getting my graphics working. I have ATI Rage Mobility M6 AGP card.

device pcibus gives the following line:
PCI 1,0,0 1002:4c4d:64 03:00:00 IRQ 5:1 CMD 0087

pciids on sourceforge says:
4c59 Radeon Mobility M6 LY
4c5a Radeon Mobility M6 LZ

and for the top entry:
1014:0235 ThinkPad A30/A30p (2652/2653)
1014:0239 ThinkPad X22/X23/X24
104d:80e7 VAIO PCG-GR214EP/GR214MP/GR215MP/GR314MP/GR315MP

so to gui\descriptors\
I add the following line:

and when I boot jnode I get:
INFO[RadeonCore]: Memory size 0G
: Signature mismatch
: found ATI ROM at 0x000C0000 size=64k
FBInfo : bios4-scratch 0x00000000
RadeonCore: ROM[0-3] 0xEB80AA55

Cannot start pci(1,0,0)
IndexOutofBoundsException at 0, this.size =0
RadeonVgaState! (146)

then FBTest gives:
Error in FBTest
Driver not foundException: fb0

I'm excited to dig into the graphics api, so any help would be appreciated.

Mach64 type

Hi Sam,

This is Mach64 type card, not a Radeon, so the radeon driver will NOT work on it.


Wrong id

I see that you're device is a 1002:4c4d, called "Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2x" that is different.

Anyway these devices are not tested, so we need to work on that.
The fact that the driver cannot find any display memory causes it to fail on startup, in turn causing FBTest test to fail, since there is not framebuffer device active.

So to figure out what goes wrong, can you submit the results of the following command:

device pci(1,0,0)

It should list class id's, base addresses etc.


pci(1,0,0) info

After booting with the above specified driver specs, and calling device pci(1,0,0), I get:

state: stopped
implemented API's:

Location 1,0,0
Configuration device=0x4C4D, vendor=0x1002, class=03:00:00, revision=100, header type=0, intr-pin=1, intr-line=5, rom=00000000-0001FFFF enabled, base-addresses={MEM32:E9000000-E9FFFFFF,IO:00009000-000090FF,MEM32:E8100000-E8100FFF}

Thanks for your help.