Are there any plans to support GNU Classpath?

GNU classpath is currently used. There are however some minor differences.

It is intended that Classpath is used out of the box somewhere in the future. In the mean time, classpath is part of the JNode source repository and is synced on a somewhat regular based with the latest version from

Edited by Fabien D :
Since it is open sourced, we are moving to openjdk (instead of using GNU Classpath).

What's the diff ?

It looks like GNUClasspath is becoming more and more friendly to Jnode. Just to know, what's the diff between the official GNU Classpath and JNode's one ?



You're right, classpath is becoming much more JNode friendly.

The diff is currently:

- 45 files are different
- 6 files have vm specific changes
- 7 files have local classpath bug fixes in them

The main diffs are in and java.lang.


GNU Classpath plan ?

Ouch ! 7 (seven) bugs in Classpath ? Have they been reported ?

Regarding the VM specifics, any chance that the GNU Classpath team refactors the code to be more generic ?