What video drivers?

What video drivers should be added to JNode?

Please do not respond with all. I want to get a fair overview of which drivers are needed most.
So please add a comment with the exact specification of your video card (pci id).


This is my preferred test mac

This is my preferred test machine (unless I find some $$$),

device pcibus gives the following line:
PCI 1,0,0 1002:4c4d:64 03:00:00 IRQ 5:1 CMD 0087

pciids says:
Vendor 1002: ATI Technologies Inc
device 1002:4c4d: Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2x


Like i said previously, Nvidia NV20 architecture is a good candidate but it's hard to find development documentation. I have a GeForce 3 Ti 500 and a FX 5200 at home.


Agreed, nvidia. Their Linux s

Agreed, nvidia. Their Linux support is strong so I think a lot of people have them (Rage Pros seem popular in Dell Poweredge servers though).

I have a 6800 Ultra (Chalk one up to Christmas Eye-wink) but I guess a basic nv20 impl would still suffice for this right?

At the least I think there should be:

Bottom line
GeForce2 support
ATI 128/Rage support

GeForce3 support
ATI Radeon

Geforce6 support
Radeon x800

I think there were architectually a big change in the last gen cards that just came out (x800 and nv50s) that's why I have them listed independent of the GF3 and first Radeon cards which are a great baseline.