want hints about VGA

Hi All

i have some question

Could i switch between VGA modes directly using hardware wihtout any need to BIOS interrupt

if i could ,HOW ???

ofcourse i don't need a detailed explanation i'm not here to waste ur time

what i need hints ,links Or any references to help me on doing that

Regards and good luck

Depends on card

If you want more then standard VGA, it highly depends on your graphics card.

Standard VGA can be done via I/O ports. This link http://www.osdever.net/FreeVGA/vga/vga.htm provides some interesting info.

PS. What do you want it for?



i want to play with a protected mode OS

which created by one of my friends

of course BIOS interrupt 10h is funny but where's it in PMODE???

FREE VGA manual i try it before and follow all what it said but i always fail..

it needs more efforts.

by the way another question
is bochs a good place to test my codes which play with VGA ?

thanks alot for ur interest