Core objects of the OS

Is there any JNode object (or a plan to make one) like the System object of the jvm?

An object like Computer that would contain other subsystems would be very usefull.

I dont know the underlying architecture of the JNode, but objects like CPU or Bus would be also usefull and part of the Computer object.

Maybe the name "Computer" (maybe OS is better) is not the right one (I dont know) does any one have another?

I dont know how usefull is this idea, but I have it in my mind for a period and said it.

Vm class

There is a Vm class which contains references to the most important virtual machine objects.

The objects on the OS are available via the InitialNaming class. Note that this is a naming construction, not a single class that contains references. This is also not good, since the OS should instantiate for the hardware found.