How do I configure the network in JNode?

The network can be configured with dynamic IP address or with a fixed IP address.

Note : To find the name of your network card, just type "ifconfig" and you will get a list of available devices.

Configuring the "loopback" interface
You need to configure the loopback interface for the DNS setup performed by the dhcp to work.

  • Run ifconfig as follows:
    ifconfig loopback

Configuring JNode with a dynamic address

  • Configure "loopback" as above.
  • Run the dhcp command followed by the name of the network card. For example:
    dhcp eth-pci(0,17,0)
  • If dhcp fails with an exception that talks about a timeout, try the command again.

Configuring JNode with a fixed IP address

  • Use the ifconfig command to set your desired IP address. For example:
    ifconfig eth-pci(0,17,0)
  • Now, use the route command. For example:
    route add eth-pci(0,17,0)

To read more about the commands and their options see the user docs.