I added Nanohttpd, a small http server, but it seems like there is problems with the tcp layer. When it works I guess it will be the first server thing made in jnode. I'll look into it.


nanohttpd for RPC and debug ?

What do you think about doing some remote debug with nanohttps ?
And doing Remote Procedure Calls ?

For example :
- The user fill in a field in the main web page (or directly type an url for the command)
- JNode will execute the command (dir, threads, cd, ...)
- The user can see a page with the result in his browser


reverse dns lookup problem

I have already tried that with an other simple http server implementation, but also run into some problems. Besides the problems with TCP, there was no reverse DNS lookup at that time. I'll look into it and if it's still the case, I'll commit my patch for reverse DNS lookup sometime this week.


Does the license of nanothttpd allow us to include it?


Yes, it's a modified BSD lice

Yes, it's a modified BSD license, so there should be no problems( It would be great if you make some checks on tcp layer, but I'll also try to to find out why it fails.


I could help too

I can help too to fix the tcp implementation.

...but is realy necesery to include an http server in our base system? In our releases?

The idea of an http server running on JNode as application is cool. We could setup a box running JNode and this httpd and connect it to the internet, just as a demonstration of JNode's capabilities.

If this nano httpd supports php, why not use it as a mirror of JNode's website.

p.s: IMHO, a "HOW-TO setup nanohttpd under JNode" would be better instead of including nanohttpd in our base system.

No, you are right, maybe it s

No, you are right, maybe it should be a plugin, but I just wanted to see jnode in some real action. I'll move the nanohttpd into a plugin.

And no, it's a very simple http server, no php at this moment.


Now there is a output from th

Now there is a output from the server. I changed the web server to collect all data into a ByteArrayOutputStream and then sended it on the socket's output stream, it helped, but there was also problems with the closing of the outstream that made the socket hanging. Now there is some TCPDataBuffer exceptions when accessing the server, but the web server replies with a page.

To me this looks like we have to put more work into the tcp layer.


Move to JNode-Distr project

Why don't we move this to the JNode-Distr project. It (will) contains several nice applications to bundle with a JNode distribution.


Once the tcp layer is fixed I

Once the tcp layer is fixed I'll move it into the JNode-Distr project. Btw. what is the project based on? All plugins or the normal version?