Message area in JNode Web Site

Hi to all,
what do you think to being able to send messages to a single JNode user via a Message area reachable from the Home Page ?

For ex. having the link under the Who's online Block that point to a page to insert/modify/remove that ?
Global messages are already active in Home Page.

I this way we could prevent to use mail messages and Chat/IRC sessions. In many Companies for ex. IRC doesn't works (Firewalls blocks them).


Mailing list please!!!

It's a nice idea, hope to see it...

How about a mailing list, add it also if possible.
Maybe a mailing should be setup for both JNode users and developers.

As quoted by Sandro, IRC doesn't work in many companies it was being blocked, http protocol is also being blocked in many companies.

Some good things about mailing list:
Read messages offline.
Search messages locally.
Archive it the way you want.
Patches, feature, encountered problem, enhancement and anything can be seen and address very fast.


We already have mailing lists

We already have mailing lists by, but we use the forums instead.

The message module is a litle bit different. It is something like IM.

Contact module

I hope to install a "Contact" module here soon that allows you to send email messages to a registered user, if he/she accepts those messages.


Web-based IRC

There are some good web based irc clients.

It's e good solution for this cases.