Here you can find informations related to the tests on filesystems.

Running the tests outside of JNode

With Ant run the target tests in the file /JNode-All/build.xml.

The results are sent to the standard output and unexpected exceptions are also sent as for any other JAVA application.

To debug the functionalities whose tests are failing, you can use Log4j that is configured through the file /JNode-FS/src/test/org/jnode/test/
By default traces are sent to the localhost on the port 4445. I recommand to use Lumbermill as a server to receive the log4j messages.

Running the tests in JNode

Type AllFSTest in the JNode shell. The results and unexpected exceptions are sent to the console. Log4j is automatically configured by JNode itself and manually with the shell command log4j.

The instructions don't work ...

The instructions above don't work either inside or outside JNode. (The AllFSTest class no longer exists.)

I've had some "success" running "org.jnode.test.fs.filesystem.FSTestSuite" in a JNode development sandbox. The trick is to launch the class as a java application (i.e. via "main"), making sure that the JNode core project is on the bootclasspath AFTER the Sun JDK. (I've been using Eclipse. YMMV for other IDEs.)