Clear command and other shell stuff

Hello to everybody!

I´m focusing my efforts in the shell and i´m trying to implement the clear command, and I have some questions...

First, and most important question : Is anybody doing this?
Second, what are the main classes that prints in the shell? I´ve been looking around but I can´t see it clear.

Third, I´ve been trying to speed up the command list completion delaying the printing, I´m adding all the commands into a String and at the end all the commands are printed, before this way all the commands were printed to the shell one by one doing a loop. But..... it doesn´t work as well as I thougth, why? Maybe with a list of 3-10 commands we can´t see the results, but printing dozens of lines it could work better.

Thank you.

1) I guess the clear command

1) I guess the clear command is equal to crtl+l, is should not that hard to make a command called "clear".

2) I'm working on a output to file ">filename" on the commands and will commit it soon. So fare the interface should be used when making a command where output should be able to go to a file. Most of the command stuff you are writing about is placed in the CommandInvoker(s), current CommandInvoker is the ThreadCommandInvoker. I'm also changing the commands I have converted to the Command interface to be more clean, using StringBuffer.append etc.


Upss I´m sorry. I didn´t know it.

Upps I´m sorry I didn´t know about the crtl+l hagar. Well then the clear command has no mistery, but anyway I´ll do it.

About the second point that´s exactly what I was trying to explain, I kind of output buffer, that speeds up the printing in the shell or whatever the I/O commands you execute in the shell.

I´ll check those CommandInvoker(s) and ThreadCommandInvoker classes.

Thank you.